Customize Your Experience


The grounds at Il Palagio offer a sprawling picture book for you to explore. Where countless small joys and moments of wonder await. Whatever your whim or desire, chances are Il Palagio offers it in a unique and memorable way. The estate extends some 350 hectares, much of the land given over to forest which boasts, among its countless natural wonders, some truly breathtaking lakes.


There are few places on earth where great food and wine are more revered, respected and important than in Tuscany. And Il Palagio is no exception. You’ll find locally sourced – much of it from the estate itself – and expertly prepared dishes and delicacies to suit even the most discerning palate. Including of course some of Sting and Trudie’s personal favourites. You can also have the menu tailored to your particular tastes. Whatever the case, we guarantee a transcendent culinary experience.
At Il Palagio, your comfort and happiness are paramount. So when it comes to dining, the choice is yours. No matter what your particular taste, preference, or requirements, you can customize a menu that’s perfect for you and for your guests. Vegan, organic, locally sourced, gluten free, or virtually any other request can be easily accommodated. And we’ll be all too happy to do so.
Trudie and Sting both share a passion for the environment. Which is why, in addition to lovingly restoring Il Palagio, they have returned it to its roots as a working farm. One where sustainable, organic methods and produce have resulted in such bounty that Sting and Trudie have opened a farm shop selling everything made or grown on the estate. Including Il Palagio estate wines, fresh fruit and vegetables, local salami, olive oil and honey.


Cool off with a walk in the shady woods of il Palagio and discover the serene and tranquil lake, yet another beautiful setting in which to relax in nature. The more adventurous may choose to swim out to the anchored decking in the middle of the lake – otherwise a picnic on the jetty makes for a delicious afternoon.
The cool and shady tennis court at Il Palagio is hidden away among the terraced woodland just below the Chalet. Like everything at Il Palagio, even the most casual knock-up is taken to another level simply by being in such a beautiful setting.
There are few better ways to unplug, unwind, and relax than yoga. Unless of course you are doing yoga in the Tuscan hills where birdsong filters in through the open widows and soft, natural light fills the room. Making this a favourite pastime while at Il Palagio for both Sting and Trudie.
The grounds at Il Palagio offer acres of space to find peace and stillness and tranquility. But few moreso than the meditation gardens. Here zen meets the warmth and simplicity of old Italy to create something unlike anything you’ve experienced before. And something you will never forget.
Grab a blanket and a bottle of one of Il Palagio’s signature wines and enjoy a night at the movies like no other. Under the stars in the heart of the Tuscan hills. A venue that could elevate any film to transcendence. And take transcendent films to even greater heights.
Trudie is the riding enthusiast of the family. Il Palagio is home to stables, and some simply beautiful horses that used to live in their English country home. Nearby the Vecchio Texas riding school can offer guests rides around the countryside, including through Il Palagio’s land. So saddle up. And discover some are new views of this beautiful region in a unique and wonderful way.


The old wine cellar at Il Palagio stores some delicious wines. But it also makes for one of the most romantic locations on the entire property for intimate events, dinners and parties. Candlelit, mysterious and magical, it offers an unexpected and special experience.
And of course, there’s a state-of-art recording studio. Boasting as decoration many gold and platinum discs, testament to the career of its owner. This is where Sting has recorded many of his albums – and, subject to availability – may also be rented.
As a working farm, Il Palagio is also home to many animals – chickens, wild boar and domesticated pigs, as well as horses, several cats, and sometimes the family’s dogs. Animals are close to both Sting and Trudie’s hearts, and Il Palagio provides them with an idyllic lifestyle.
Old-world mastery meets new-world techniques in the vineyards of Il Palagio. Where the perfect climate and ideal soil conditions combine to produce stunning grapes, carefully blended to create Il Palagio’s high-scoring and delicious Chianti and IGT Toscana wines. Casino delle Vie, When We Dance, Message in a Bottle and Sister Moon are four cracking reds you can enjoy while at Il Palagio, and then stock up the cellar or wine rack with your favourites when you’re back home. Bottoms up and cin can!
Il Palagio seems to have been put on earth to cater to man’s appreciation of the finer things. Offering the perfect place to grow both grapes and olives. And like our wines, our signature olive oil offers a unique taste of the Tuscan hills, with Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo olives. While the olive groves can be enjoyed all on their own as yet another place to spend a lazy day in the sun.
The source of our signature honeys, and honoured guests on the Il Palagio grounds, bees find the estate as enchanting as those who visit. With acre upon acre of flowers to flit to, pollinate and gather the nectar that will become one of life’s sweeter indulgences.
Take the bounty of Il Palagio home with you. Or make an order online. Either way the farm store offers you the opportunity to enjoy all that Il Palagio has to offer even when far away – salami, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, honey and wine. The tastes of Tuscany, to be enjoyed at home.
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